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Russian Railways
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19 August
On 19 August 2011 the summer service term came to a close for the student construction teams working on transportation infrastructure facilities being erected by OAO RZD for the 2014 Games.
1,085 students from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia took part. This scale of participation by student teams in the construction of infrastructure facilities is unique in recent history. Representatives from the Tashkent Institute of Railway Transport Engineers visited at the invitation of OAO RZD to find out more about the construction rate during the summer service term.
Students from 11 cities in Russia and seven countries of the CIS and the Baltic republics worked on constructing the main transportation artery of the Sochi Olympics the AdlerAlpika Servis Mountain Resort combined use road and railway.
Based on the results of the service term, Team "Moskvich 1" from the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering was named the best. They were presented with a banner.
Competitions in football, volleyball, basketball, and chess were held as part of the summer service term, as well as competitions in creativity and a festival. As is traditional, construction team members took part in the "Olympic Inoculation" seminar, where they learned about the history and philosophy of the Olympics and Paralympics and the coming Sochi Games, and found out more about the "Sochi 2014" ecologic strategy.
In honour of the 50th anniversary of the first manned flight into space, the 2011 OAO RZD summer service term was declared "The Gagarin Term".
As part of implementing State youth policy, OAO RZD conducts systematic work on developing the student team movement, devoting particular attention to construction.
In 2009, 150 students from railway engineering and construction institutes were involved in the transportation infrastructure facilities for the 2014 Games in Sochi being erected by OAO RZD. In 2010, 1,048 students from Russia, Armenia, and Kazakhstan participated in the full-scale "Sochi 2014" student construction project. Representatives of the railway administrations in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Ukraine visited on the invitation of OAO RZD.
4 August
As part of its compensatory measures, DKRS-Sochi RZhD is continuing its programme of replacing aquatic biological resources through the release of young Black Sea salmon into the Mzymta and Shakhe river basins in the following quantities:
- 110,000 Black Sea trout yearlings; and
- 146,872 Black Sea trout fingerlings.
The total cost of these measures for compensating damages to aquatic bioresources totals 8 million rubles. These measures are being carried out in accordance with Agreement No. 6488 of the Russian Federal Fisheries Agency Azov-Black Sea Territorial Administration.
30 June
Vladimir Yakunin, the President of RZhD, has participated in the ceremonial launch the RZhD summer semester student construction period.
In 2011, Russian Railways are continuing a full-scale all-Russian student construction at the Olympic sites. During this summer season, approximately 1100 university students will be participating in the construction of the combined highway and railroad from Adler to Alpika-Servis. The students will come from all parts of the country, as well as from the Baltic States and CIS countries.
Today Sochi hosted the ceremonial launch of the RZhD summer semester student construction. At the launch were present the Vice-President of the Government of Russian Federation Alexander Zhukov, President of RZhD Vladimir Yakunin, Vice-President of RZhD Oleg Toni, Directory of the North-Caucasian Railway-RZhD Vladimir Goloskokov and Director of DKRS-Sochi RZhD Evgeniy Solntsev.
‘In summer 2009, when this project was just beginning, the vanguard student construction gang consisted of 150 student from the railroad institutes. The milestone event of that year was a meeting with the President of Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. That meeting galvanized development of all student construction in the country,’ - said Vladimir Yakunin.
According to him, over 1000 students from Russian, Armenia and Kazakhstan worked at the Olympic sites in 2010. By invitation from the RZhD, Sochi was also visited by the delegation from railroad administrations of Ukraine and the Baltic States. The momentous event in 2010 was a meeting between the construction gang leaders and the Chairman of the Government of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.
‘By bringing back the excellent traditions of the years past, we have significantly increased the involvement of student construction gangs from all over the country in the construction of the 1520 mm gauge railroad. This year, Russian students will joined by over 100 students from Armenia, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia,’ - said Yakunin.
In the summer of 2011, RZhD has also involved student gangs in the construction of the infrastructure for the 2012 ATES summit in Vladivostok (20 students), and in the constructions of a new Kuzhnetsovkiy tunnel (30 students).
Moreover, during the summer semester, RZhD will engage brigades of student train conductors, track servicemen and educational groups.
21 June
Student construction teams will start arriving at the RZhD construction sites in Sochi after 24th June.
In 2011, Russian Railways are continuing a full-scale all-Russian student construction at the Olympic sites. About 1100 university students are participating in the construction of the RZhD infrastructures. The students will come from all parts of the country, as well as from the Baltic States and CIS countries.
First student construction teams will depart for Sochi on the 24th of June June from Omsk, Irkutsk and Novosibirsk.
Moscow students will depart on the 25th of June; students from Rostov, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and Yoshkar-Ola on the 26th of June. Students from Voronezh and St. Petersburg will depart on the 27th of June; from Samara on the 28th of June and from Khabarovsk on the 29th of June.
RZhD will provide students with accommodation, meals, work clothing and medical care. The program for the construction teams’ summer practical work will be organized to include work, education and sport.
The students will live in specially equipped construction camps. During the work period, the students will be provided with three meals per day, work clothing, safety boots, safety equipment and medical care.
The students will participate in construction of the combined auto and railroad from Adler station to the Alpika-Servis Resort.
In 2010, the students carried out embankment pitching for a temporary bridge, prepared the soil and constructed gabions, while participating in the construction of the combined auto and railroad from Adler station to the Alpika-Servis mountain resort.
2 June
Vladimir Yakunin, the President of RZhD has participated in the celebrations of the ceremonial breakthrough of the tunnel no.7b connecting Sochi and Adler.
The ceremonial breakthrough of the tunnel no.7b, connecting Sochi and Adler, took place in Sochi on 2nd of June. The tunnel was constructed with the aim of improving rail communications between Tuapse and Adler by constructing eight two-track sections on the line.
«Among all rail structures, built for the Olympic Games, the tunnel no. 7b, which is just over one kilometre in length, is very important. It was constructed for future construction of the second rail line between Sochi and Matsesta, the lack of which is currently slowing down all rail communications on the Sochi-Adler line,» said Vladimir Yakunin at the ceremony.
According to him, the completion of the tunnel no.7b and subsequent construction of the tunnel no.6b in this railway section will allow construction of the second rail line, which will almost triple the rail traffic between Sochi and Adler, from current 54 to 153 return trains per day.
«In 2013, after the second line is constructed, the local residents and the visitors will be to make the trip from Sochi to Adler in 15 minutes, or to the airport in 20 minutes by taking the comfortable electric train ‘Lastochka’,» said Vladimir Yakunin.
Mr. Yakunin also thanked the specialists from the design institutes ‘Roszheldorproekt’, ‘Giprotranput’, ‘Bamtonnelproekt’ and the construction companies ‘Transyuzhstroy’, ‘Bamtonnelstroy’, ‘Yuzhnoe gorno-stroitelnoe upravlenie’ for their participation in the project. The best performing builders were presented with awards at the ceremony.
Information is provided by RZD Official Website rzd.ru
2 June
A new Russian Orthodox chapel was opened in Sochi on the 2nd of June 2011 to honor the Synaxis of New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia, who have suffered for their faith. At the opening were present the President of RZhD V.I. Yakunin, General Director of SKZhD V.Kh. Goloskokov, General Director DKRs-Sochi RZhD E.A. Solntsev.
The chapel was erected with the blessing of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill. The new chapel is located on the new highway / railway connecting Adler and the mountain resort Alpika-Servis, two kilometres away from Adler. At a later day, a church complex will be erected at this location, including a chapel, a church, a spring, the House of a Pilgrim and a hotel.
“The Sochi Winter Olympic Games will coincide with the religious holiday, honoring the New Martyrs, and this is why we dedicated the chapel to them. The idea of erecting a chapel came from the builders of the St. Petersburg construction company Dorservis, and we wholeheartedly supported that idea”, said Vladimir Yakunin.
During a press conference, Yakinin also mentioned that almost 64% of all construction work carried out by RZhD in Sochi has been completed.
Vladimir Ivanovich Yakunin
Vladimir Ivanovich Yakunin
President of Russian Railways
We are confident. From the standpoint of financing, the government has clearly stated: the financing of Olympic facilities will be fully preserved.

It really all comes down to the construction teams — and they won’t let us down!